A Closer Look at OpGuard

OpGuard is one of Guardvant’s signature safety solutions. It’s a driver fatigue risk management system that reduces the risk of fatigue-related accidents, protecting operators and other employees. The OpGuard components are mounted directly in the cab, but are completely unobtrusive and do not affect the normal operation of the vehicle.

Technologically Advanced Components

The main components of the OpGuard system are the OpGuard computer, digital fatigue camera, and illuminator. The illuminators and IR camera sensors are mounted on the vehicle dashboard. Their low profile prevents interference with the operator’s line of sight, and the driver doesn’t need to divert attention from the task at hand in order to operate the sensors. Employers may choose to add the optional forward-facing camera to the system. The other components are a speaker and seat vibrator for issuing alerts to fatigue-related events.

Real-Time Monitoring

With our proprietary software and the IR camera sensors, operators are continually monitored in real time. Multiple characteristics of the driver’s countenance are scanned. These include three-dimensional head movement and the percentage of eye closure. When the sensors detect micro-sleep events based on these characteristics, OpGuard automatically sends an alert to the monitoring dispatcher. The dispatcher can immediately view the information and communicate with the operator via the mounted loudspeaker. This enables the nearly instantaneous correction of driver fatigue in order to prevent accidents on the job site.

Cost-Saving Benefits

Driver fatigue risk management solutions offer significant benefits for employers and employees alike. Accidents are costly for all involved. Injured employees may miss time at work, and employers must cope with lost productivity. Add in the costs of equipment and vehicle damage, workers’ compensation claims, and potential liability issues, and you can see how quickly the consequences of an accident add up. Prevention is the best way to handle onsite accidents.

Guardvant’s innovative technological solutions have a proven track record of enhancing safety, particularly within the mining industry. Continue browsing the Guardvant website to learn more about OpGuard and our full line of safety solutions, including CasGuard and ProxGuard. Or, call our office in Tucson at (520) 299-1911.