A Closer Look at ProxGuard

ThinkstockPhotos-178432153When you have heavy equipment operating in your worksite, there are big liabilities that can result from even the most minor collisions. Fortunately, there is technology available to improve blind-spot visibility and enable better driving practices. ProxGuard, which is available through Guardvant, is a GPS, radar, and video solution that can alert drivers of potential hazards that may not otherwise be seen. Below you can see exactly what this technology can help you do to manage the leading cause of mining accidents involving mining equipment.


Proximity Awareness

In heavy mining vehicles, there are blind spots in close proximity, which can lead to collisions with light vehicles, pedestrians, and other objects with the potential for significant damage. ProxGuard will serve to reduce accidents by increasing visibility with a redundant and configurable system that is easy to incorporate into existing equipment.

Collision Reduction

dv791020Aside from asset protection, collision reduction systems like ProxGuard work to protect mining personnel for major risk reduction on the job. Still, it is important to educate personnel about common equipment blind spots for risk management on all sides.

Sophisticated Technology

ProxGuard uses in-cab video to display blind spots when sensors are activated through radar and GPS activity. In addition to an immediate video display, the system alerts the driver with an audible warning to take action. To reduce the chances for false positives in this system, ProxGuard is programed with proximity range and logic configured for each mining activity. This technology may combine with OpGuard fatigue monitoring to improve driver performance and awareness while further lower mining equipment accidents.

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