A Look at GuardVant’s Proven Track Record

logoMines are unique workplace environments that pose particular risks to those who work in these locations. Driver fatigue and vehicle collisions are two of the most common and serious risks faced by workers at mining sites. Thus, programs that aim to improve workplace safety for miners must focus on minimizing or eliminating these riskskeep reading to learn more about GuardVants successful track record of accident and loss minimization with our fatigue risk management and collision avoidance system solutions.

Safety Goals

Your workplace safety goals should be absolute and achievable. GuardVants OpGuard and ProxGuard systems have helped numerous mining facilities achieve their zero harmsafety goals by successfully aiding in the management of human error issues such as driver fatigue and collision risk. GuardVants OpGuard fatigue risk management system provides constant, non-intrusive monitoring of driver actions to identify instances of driver fatigue and alert managers instantly when attention is needed. This eliminates sleep episodes to ensure driver alertness while on the job for faster response times and accident avoidance. However, even alert drivers can encounter proximity risksthats why the ProxGuard GPS system constantly monitors vehicle location and motion and provides peer to peer communication capabilities, making collisions and their safety risk a concern of the past.

Damage and Loss Prevention

While worker safety is the most important concern for any mine site manager, property damage and loss associated with accidents is also impact your mining business. GuardVant has allowed our clients to reduce overall costs associated with damage and loss by averting the situations that cause them in the first place. When accidents are no longer a risk, there is no need to secure funding for equipment replacement or offset the financial losses associated with shutdown times during accident cleanup or investigation.

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