Learn More About Guardvant’s Story and Values

Before you decide if you want to work with a given company, you might want to consider its background. At Guardvant, we are happy to tell our story and share our values. Read ahead if you would like to learn more about Guardvant’s story and values. Our Story Your safety and the safety of your…Read more

How Are Fatigue and Alcoholic Influence Related?

We know that driving while under the influence of alcohol can be dangerous, but it turns out that driving while fatigued can pose similar threats. Fatigue can take away from your attention span, inhibit your motor skills, and even put you in a bad mood. Here’s more on how fatigue and alcoholic influence are related….Read more

What Are the Benefits of OpWeb?

When you invest in a Guardvant collision avoidance or proximity detector system, OpWeb technology will allow you to monitor all of your devices in a single, easy to use location. Using OpWeb tools, you will be able to see the status of your entire fleet and monitor incidents in real time. To highlight the advantages…Read more

Look at America’s Different Drowsy Driving Laws

Driving while you are excessively drowsy or tired can put you at much greater risk of experiencing a collision. In fact, truck driver fatigue is a leading cause of accidents for that particular industry. Using fatigue risk management, you will be able to rest assured that your drivers are awake and alert when they get…Read more

Beware the Dangers of Using Caffeine to Combat Fatigue

People have their own ways of keeping themselves awake and alert, but some are much healthier than others. Caffeine can keep you awake in short spurts, but it’s not the healthiest or most effective way to stave off fatigue. Read ahead and learn about some of the dangers of using caffeine to combat fatigue. Jittery…Read more

Learn More About Guardvant’s Product Line

Worksite accidents can harm employees, damage products, and set your operation back in general. If you want to avoid them, you can rely on Guardvant’s products to get the job done. Between OpGuard, ProxGuard, and CollisionGuard, you should have just about all the tools you need to stay safe and productive. Keep reading and learn…Read more

Your Guide to Mobile Servers on a Worksite

Modern technology makes it easier to stay safe while on the job, even when conditions are potentially dangerous. Mobile servers help keep everyone in the area safe, and they do so in several different ways. If you’re wondering how they work, read on for your guide to mobile servers on a worksite. What It’s For…Read more

See How Fatigue Affects Our Astronauts

Astronauts experience conditions that most people may never understand, and this can take a toll on their energy on a few different levels. Extreme conditions can affect astronauts both mentally and physically, and their environment can contribute to their fatigue. Keep reading and see how fatigue affects our astronauts. Psychologically To focus on the task…Read more

How Reviewing Your Safety Measures Can Keep You OSHA Compliant

If you work on or around heavy equipment, it is of the utmost importance that you make sure that you are following OSHA safety regulations at all times. With a collision avoidance system, it is possible to take extra precautions against the dangers of heavy equipment collisions on the job site. Let’s take a closer…Read more

Learn to Recognize These Symptoms of Fatigue

Driver fatigue is a serious issue in the trucking and heavy equipment industries. If you are in charge of driving a commercial truck or vehicle, you will need to learn how to spot the warning signs of fatigue when you are on the job. Fatigue risk management technology can also help you to make sure…Read more