Staying awake on the job

Guardvant is featured on with a recent article about fatigue monitoring and fatigue management. The article discusses causes and statistics, as well as solutions such as OpGuard, which can be added to heavy equipment to help monitor operator fatigue. See the article here

A Key Component to Mine Safety Programs

Read the Winter Edition of Australasian Mine Safety Journal to learn how Guardvant’s fatigue monitoring technology can support a fatigue management program by providing the data needed to ensure these programs succeed. Continue reading

Africa Mining Brief Profiles OpGuard

Africa Mining Brief profiles fatigue management systems.  Guardvant leads the technology offering with a sophisticated algorithm specially designed to track fatigue related events more accurately.  As part of larger mine safety program, OpGuard can help reduce accidents and maintenance costs, and improve productivity. Continue reading

Feeling Tired? Mining Magazine Explores Fatigue Monitoring and Safety

Mining Magazine explores the causes and consequences of fatigue at mines, as well as fatigue risk-management systems (FRMS) that help reduce fatigue-related accidents. OpGuard, which is featured in the article, is a non-intrusive fatigue monitoring system that provides two key components: real-time alerts to operators to interrupt high-risk situations, and a quantified measure of the…Read more