Check out the Applications and Benefits of the Amazing Guardvant Mobile Server

GMS_700pxThe Guardvant Mobile Server (GMS) is a mobile on-board computer system designed to provide a simple, streamlined, yet effective system for all your software needs. You can utilize the GMS to run not only Guardvant fatigue monitoring, and collision avoidance applications, but also third-party applications such as fleet management and biometric access software. Keep reading to discover the amazing benefits of the GMS and how it can improve your mining operations and safety record today.

Guardvant Mobile Server Specifications

With its multi-core, hyper-threaded mobile processor and 8GB DDR2 memory, the GMS is capable of handling multiple applications simultaneously with ease. GMS is available with a memory capacity ranging from 64 to 256GB. The IP67 lightweight aluminum chassis features four CAN bus ports, five video-in ports, two RS232 serial ports, a DVI port, and more. You can also choose to purchase the GMS with an optional 8.4” or 12” touch screen display.

Guardvant Mobile Server Benefits

The Guardvant Mobile Server (GMS) offers your company numerous benefits. Thanks to its mobility and computing power, you can use the GMS to run all necessary software from one location, minimizing in-cab clutter and maximizing convenience. The GMS is optimized to run Guardvant’s on-board driver fatigue andproximity monitoring applications, OpGuard and ProxGuard, but also offers the capacity to run third-party applications, regardless of the OS, including Windows, Linux, and Android software. These applications may include fleet management, vehicle health monitoring, tire monitoring, fire suppression systems communication, biometric authentication, and more.

The GMS also facilitates remote diagnostics of on-board applications, continually monitoring sensor inputs, and alerting when there is an equipment failure. This helps minimize downtime by allowing remote maintenance exactly when it’s needed.

Would you like to learn more about the Guardvant Mobile Server and its applications? You can reach Guardvant today by emailing or calling 1 (520) 299-1911 for additional information about the GMS or our collision avoidance and driver fatigue monitoring systems. Click through our website to read more about the importance of fatigue andproximity monitoring in the mining industry.