How Collision Avoidance Systems Keep Drivers and Equipment Safe


Working with heavy construction equipment used when mining requires extreme attention to detail. Everyone from equipment operators to supervisors must work together to avoid accidents. Collision avoidance systems help drivers and supervisors pay more attention to the equipment to prevent unnecessary incidents that could cause a lot of harm and a lot of damage. Keep reading to find out how.

It Monitors the Driver

Collision avoidance systems are designed to detect if a driver closes his or her eyes, moves the head in an unusual way, texts, uses the phone, or wears a seatbelt incorrectly. If the system detects any signs of fatigue or distraction, it will set off an alarm for the driver and for the supervisors. The system keeps a record of this data so supervisors are aware of the number of incidents that occur with each driver.

It Looks for Obstructions

Other systems can be used on their own or in conjunction with driver monitors to look for obstructions that are blocking the equipment. This system can check the blind spots and give the operator better visibility to reduce the risk for accidents while on the job. The specialty cameras give the drivers a clear view of the ground and sets off an alert if there are objects nearby.

It Protects the Property

Other equipment keeps the mining equipment and property safe. With high-quality video that looks over the entire mine, supervisors can keep track of their staff and their equipment. Motion sensors help detect strangers on the property and surveillance equipment takes pictures of vehicles that travel through the mine. When combined with the other systems, this security system optimizes the safety and the security for the entire mine.

If you want to add more safety to your worksite, GuardVant can help. Our OpGuard, ProxGuard, and SecurityGuard systems reduce incidents from driver fatigue, use a proximity detector to look for potential hazards, and help keep the mine secure. To learn more about these products and how they can help you, visit us online or call (520) 299-1911.