Controllable Factors in Worksite Collisions

Worksite collisions are dangerous for your employees and costly for your company. Injuries, lost labor, and damaged equipment can all put your job behind schedule and add additional expenses to your budget. Although it is not always possible to prevent a collision from occurring, there are many factors that can be controlled so that collisions are less likely to happen. Practice collision avoidance by recognizing these factors that are in your control.


Fatigue is a significant risk factor for worksite collisions. Tired workers are less attentive and can’t respond quickly to collision risks when they occur, causing more accidents to happen. Setting strict standards for operation hours and closely monitoring how much time employees spend behind the wheel is the first step in fighting fatigue. Installing devices that detect driver fatigue and taking those drivers off duty when the signs of fatigue-slowed reactions appear will reduce the risk of collisions.


Visibility issues are standard on some worksites, such as mining sites and warehouses. All it takes is one blind spot to cause an accident. Although you can’t change the environmental realities of your worksite, you can make it easier for employees to know what is around them with proximity detection systems. Proximity detectors let employees know how close they are to objects so that they can take corrective action when needed to prevent a collision.


Distracted driving is as dangerous on the worksite as it is on the open road. Operators can be tempted to check their phones and otherwise take their attention away from their vehicles during shifts, which can dramatically increase the risk of collision. Having a clear policy about what is and isn’t allowed in the cab is the first step, but installing devices that detect slowed reactions by drivers can also alert you when distracted operation is happening.


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