The Dangers of Stimulant Usage for Staying Awake

Sometimes it feels like there is just not enough time in a day, but trying to stretch the day out might not be the best idea. The use of stimulants like coffee, Adderall, and other “uppers” to keep yourself awake comes with a number of risks. You might not get what you paid for, and the stimulant can have undesirable side effects. Overall, you will also build up debt in sleep, which can severely affect your performance at work. Read on and learn more about the dangers.

Risky Purchase

One of the tricky aspects of using stimulants to stay awake is the process of acquiring them. While coffee, soda, and energy drinks might suffice for some, other people seek stimulant medications to keep themselves awake. Buying medication that was prescribed to someone else is illegal, and it is also untrustworthy. This process is especially risky if you are unfamiliar with what the drugs you are looking for actually look like. You might find yourself purchasing a completely different drug than you intended to, which comes with a plethora of dangers in itself.

Side Effects

Stimulants may be effective in keeping you awake, but they don’t come without their side effects. The energy boost you receive from stimulant usage might be offset by the jittery feeling that also comes with it; this can be distracting, thus impairing your performance. Drivers who are distracted and tired are much more likely to make a mistake on the road.

Lost Sleep

There is simply no adequate substitution for restful sleep, and your body knows it. The more you prolong your consciousness with stimulants, the more sleep you owe yourself. Eventually you will suffer from long-term issues that come with sleep deprivation, which can only be remedied with proper, restful, and regular sleep.

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