How Drivers Can Fight Fatigue

ThinkstockPhotos-166624124Long hours on the road can drag on, but the last thing you should do is fight through the fatigue. Instead, you can take healthy steps to prevent fatigue from affecting you so you can stay safe on the road. Continue on to find out exactly how drivers can fight fatigue.

Proper Rest

Although popular energy drinks and coffee chains would have you believe otherwise, the only way to truly combat fatigue is to get a restful night of sleep. For professional drivers, this sleep might not necessarily occur at night; however, the length and quality are still important. Consider buying a sleep mask so you can enjoy an adequate amount of uninterrupted sleep, and be sure to sleep in a comfortable position.

Fatigue Monitoring

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if you are fatigued; sometimes you just don’t want to admit that you’re tired. A fatigue monitoring system will create reliable data regarding operator fatigue that drivers, supervisors, and dispatchers can all review. A quality fatigue monitoring system will be non-invasive, verifiable, and adept at keeping everyone on the road safe.

Taking Care of Yourself

A healthy body and mind will help you stay awake and alert rather than tired and miserable. Remember to eat properly while you are out on the road, and take a break whenever you need to. When you stop at a rest stop, grab a healthy meal and do some stretching or light exercise. Nutrients and movement can both give you the energy you need to stay awake throughout the duration of your trip.

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