What to Expect During a Mining Safety Audit

Every worksite has its hazards, but the right safety precautions and inspections can prevent accidents from occurring. If you’re looking forward to a mining safety audit, expect to start with a meeting and inspection. Then workers can be trained with any necessary new safety systems in place until it’s ready for a full rollout. Read on for more on what to expect during a mining safety audit.

Meeting and Pre-Installation Inspection

You’ll start your mining safety audit by meeting with your team of mining safety professionals. They will look at your existing equipment and your communications systems to see where new safety systems can be employed. Once this inspection has been done, the necessary hardware can be manufactured and shipped to you.

Training for a New System

If it has been determined that your mining operation could benefit from OpGuard or ProxGuard systems, deployment can begin once you have received the equipment. This starts with the installation of the new hardware and includes configuring alerts and reports. Then supervisors and technicians can be trained to use the hardware properly. This part is crucial, as your team will need to understand the new safety technology in order for it to be effective in the workplace.

Full System Rollout

After supervisor and technician training, your new safety systems are ready to be commissioned. First, you’ll undergo a silent run to gain a baseline, and then the system will go fully live. The last step is system acceptance, during which everyone is expected to understand and accept new hardware and policies.

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