Exploring Some Lesser Known Symptoms of Fatigue

When you don’t get the sleep you need, your daily life can suffer. Unfortunately, this is bad news for workplace safety, which is why fatigue risk management has become so important. In addition to being tired, fatigue can lead to fainting, weight loss, and body pain. Read on to explore some lesser known symptoms of fatigue.


Although it’s not the most common symptom of fatigue, fainting is not necessarily a surprising symptom either. When you push your body and brain harder than you should, you may ultimately run the risk of having both shut down. The last thing you want to do is faint when you are behind the wheel of a car, limousine, or 18-wheeler, which is why it is crucial that you understand fatigue risk management as a professional driver. Fatigue can sneak up on you and lead to disastrous consequences, so be careful on the road.

Weight Loss

People might experience weight loss for many different reasons, but you might not expect fatigue to be one of them. Failing to get an adequate amount of quality sleep every night can catch up with you in all kinds of ways. If you notice that you have been losing weight and you also haven’t been sleeping well, you might be experiencing an extreme symptom of fatigue. If this is the case, you should see your doctor as soon as you can.

Physical Pain

Resting recharges your body and your mind, and a lack thereof can amplify any aches and pains you have been feeling. Truck driver fatigue can often exacerbate headaches and body aches, which can be distracting while you’re on the road. This can also make you irritable, ultimately affecting your mood as well.

Fatigue can mean much more than being tired, so call Guardvant at (520) 299-1911 and help your team prevent driver fatigue. Head over to our website to learn about our fatigue risk management and proximity detection services.