Factors That Can Increase Driver Distraction

Being a safe driver is simple if you know what you need to do. The better you are at resisting distractions, the better you can focus on staying in your lane and anticipating other drivers’ actions. Keep reading and learn about the factors that can increase driver distraction and how you can reduce your risk.

Bad Weather

It won’t be as easy to focus if the road conditions are bad, which means you and other drivers may be more prone to errors. Heavy precipitation like snow and rain can make it difficult to tell where the lines in the road are, causing confusion and increasing the risk of driving. Remember to check the weather forecast before you leave the house, and drive extra cautiously during inclement weather.


People who haven’t been driving for very long will be more prone to being overwhelmed. It takes experience for muscle memory to develop, and it takes years of driving to gain this experience. Veteran drivers make a lot of their moves on mental autopilot, and this helps free up the attention to react in an instant. Inexperienced drivers tend to be more neurotic, and they might not be sure what they should focus on. Combine bad weather with inexperience, and you have a recipe for distraction. Inexperienced drivers should drive carefully all the time, especially during bad conditions.


Driving when you’re too tired is like driving drunk in that your reaction time is impaired and your attention span will be diminished. You can only drive for so long before you’re hit with fatigue, and continuing to drive after this point is dangerous and irresponsible.


Driver fatigue is one of many factors that make the roads less safe. Guardvant specializes in proximity detection and collision avoidance, so call us at (520) 299-1911 or visit our website for details about our services.