FAQs About Using OpGuard to Ensure Safe Vehicle Operation

Safety is key: If you don’t have a safe workplace, you take unnecessary risks that can slow your business down. When you add machinery to the equation, safety becomes even more essential to your operation. OpGuard aims to help you keep your vehicles safe and move your business forward. Here are some FAQs about using OpGuard to ensure safe vehicle operation.

What is OpGuard?

If your job entails operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery, fatigue and distractions are both heavy risk areas. OpGuard seeks to minimize those risks by monitoring employees’ behaviors to prevent accidents before they have a chance to happen. Your drivers need to keep their eyes on the road at all times, but you can’t keep your eyes on them around the clock without the right protective systems in place.

Why should I use it?

For your company to succeed, your workers have to stay safe. The longer you go without an accident, the less time you’ll waste. OpGuard identifies problematic situations so you can resolve them before they cause real trouble for your business or your employees. It monitors distractions and symptoms of fatigue, so you can intervene when you need to.

How will it improve my team?

The people you hire will determine how effective your business ultimately becomes. You have to be extra thorough when you bring someone new to a team of drivers, because the way they drive affects the business, the people around them, and their own personal safety. By employing a system like OpGuard, you can tell who is consistently fit to drive and who isn’t. This type of system brings your attention to drivers who either aren’t alert enough or are too vulnerable to dangerous distractions while driving.


Guardvant knows just how to keep you safe while you operate your vehicles, and we offer everything from proximity detection to fatigue risk management. Call our office at (520) 299-1911 or check out our website and let us keep you safe.