How Are Fatigue and Alcoholic Influence Related?

We know that driving while under the influence of alcohol can be dangerous, but it turns out that driving while fatigued can pose similar threats. Fatigue can take away from your attention span, inhibit your motor skills, and even put you in a bad mood. Here’s more on how fatigue and alcoholic influence are related.

Lack of Attention

The more alcohol you drink, the harder it is to keep your focus. You might experience the same kind of attention deficit if you haven’t been getting enough sleep. This becomes especially troublesome if your job involves operating a motor vehicle or another piece of heavy machinery. Alcoholic influence and fatigue can both distract you to similar degrees, which means they’re both dangerous conditions for driving. If you find yourself having trouble focusing, pull off the road or stop operating your machinery.

Poor Motor Skills

If you can’t pay attention to what you’re doing, chances are your motor skills will suffer along with your focus. This will be just as hazardous if you’re operating a motor vehicle or another piece of heavy-duty equipment. Fatigue delays your reaction time in a similar way that alcohol does. An important aspect of your motor skills is your reaction time, and a slow reaction time can increase your risk of getting into an accident.

Bad Mood

Being in the wrong mental state can be a drag, but it can also have real implications for you and the people around you. Fatigue and alcoholic influence can both turn your mood sour, which might make you more prone to road rage. Road rage has become a serious problem and even leads to many fatalities each year.

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