Guardvant Joins the Hexagon Family

Hexagon Mining is an industry leader in applying innovative design, planning, and operational safety technologies to improve the safety and productivity of mines. Guardvant, another industry leader, focuses on developing cutting-edge technologies for collision avoidance, proximity detection, and fatigue risk management. Together, Guardvant and Hexagon Mining are a force to be reckoned with.

The Acquisition of Guardvant

Early in August 2018, Hexagon Mining announced that it had added Guardvant to its Mining division. The announcement sent ripples of excitement through the safety technology community, as the two companies together have the capacity to significantly enhance the safety of operators working in inherently dangerous conditions. Sergio Blacutt, the CEO of Guardvant, stated that Guardvant was looking forward to joining forces with a company that had such an impressive portfolio of safety solution technologies. And Josh Weiss, the President of Hexagon’s Mining division, noted that Guardvant’s widely recognized leadership in fatigue monitoring technology is an exciting addition to Hexagon’s integrated life-of-mine portfolio.

The Specialized Technologies of Guardvant

Over the years, Guardvant has demonstrated an impressive knowledge base regarding operator safety. In particular, the company has been on the forefront of driver fatigue detection and management, along with proximity detection and collision avoidance. Guardvant’s suite of technologies includes the following:

  • ProxGuard: An onboard proximity detection system with integrated radar and video technology. Operators can view real-time, 360-degree views on the in-cab monitor.
  • CasGuard: A fully configurable solution that can be integrated with all mine designs. It is a GPS-based collision detection and avoidance system that alerts operators to nearby CasGuard-equipped vehicles.
  • OpGuard: A system of in-cab sensors and detection equipment that continuously evaluates operators for distractions and driver fatigue.

As a proud member of the Hexagon Mining family, Guardvant maintains an enduring commitment to exceptionally reliable technologies and unbeatable customer service. You can direct questions about collision avoidance systems and fatigue risk management technologies to Guardvant’s headquarters in Tucson, AZ at (520) 299-1911.