Your Guide to Mobile Servers on a Worksite

Modern technology makes it easier to stay safe while on the job, even when conditions are potentially dangerous. Mobile servers help keep everyone in the area safe, and they do so in several different ways. If you’re wondering how they work, read on for your guide to mobile servers on a worksite.

What It’s For

You can use mobile servers to keep your team safe while working, but more specifically, they allow the computers on your equipment to run certain safety programs. A collision avoidance system won’t be so effective if you can’t use it onboard, which is where a mobile server will come in. They are lightweight but durable, and they come with a wide range power supply. Some units even come with touch screens so that operators can use them as safely and efficiently as possible.

Range of Services

There are quite a few services that your mobile server can offer you. From the platform service, which uses popular operating systems to run virtual machines, to GSP service that transmits your signal and helps you navigate, these services are necessary if you want to run a safe operation. Context service constantly checks on how the system is functioning, and video service can even take clips when desired.

How It Works

Your mobile server has a clear display screen that you can use to manage your applications. You don’t even need to configure the applications on your display screen, as the system will organize them by how often they’re used. You can, however, configure reports to be sent to different departments within your company. This helps consolidate information and can help management put new safety procedures into place.

If you’d like to learn more about mobile servers on a worksite, you can always call Guardvant at (520) 299-1911. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to collision avoidance and fatigue risk management. Check out our website to learn more about us.