How Does the ProxGuard GPS System Work?

ProxGuardGPS_HowItWorks_diagramCollisions are a common yet avoidable risk that can affect worker safety in mines and other worksites. Adding a collision avoidance system serves as a valuable safeguard to reduce the incidence of crashes and employee injuries on the job. Guardvant’s ProxGuard GPS collision avoidance system is designed to utilize real-time data to protect your workers and your equipment during mining operations and product transport.

Vehicle Location Tracking

The heart of the ProxGuard GPS system is its ability to track vehicles in real time. This system uses GPS technology to follow the progress of each vehicle in your fleet at the worksite to develop an up-to-the-minute picture of each asset. ProxGuard utilizes 360-degree positional information and current speed to calculate a collision risk for every vehicle in the system at any given time. Additionally, peer-to-peer communication allows vehicles to “talk” to each other in terms of positioning; the system will automatically track all nearby vehicle activity to warn of impending collisions without nuisance or false alarms.

Server Management

The ProxGuard GPS collision avoidance system is managed via Guardvant’s OpWeb office server. Operators can use the tools provided with this system to maintain statistics on vehicle locations and movements, as well as create permanent or temporary warning zones to accommodate workplace activities and further reduce accident risk. The ProxGuard GPS system reports additional information, such as avoided collisions and zone activity, to provide a complete overview of worker safety compliance and potential risks that may require management or correction in the future.

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