How GPS Technology Is Preventing Collisions

GPS isn’t just for getting directions to a location or finding out when your ride is going to arrive. It is also playing a critical role in preventing collisions in mines and on job sites, dramatically increasing situational awareness and keeping workers safer than ever before. Here is a closer look at Guardvant’s GPS-based collision avoidance system CasGuard.

What is CasGuard?

CasGuard is a GPS system that helps mineworkers effectively track their own locations and those of their fellow workers. It consists of an on-board display, four Wi-Fi antennas, a GPS antenna, speaker, and mobile router to help drivers navigate hazardous areas. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other Guardvant products, including OpGuard, ProxGuard, and OpWeb. Using these integrated products together creates a comprehensive safety system for mine work.

What are the benefits of CasGuard?

CasGuard works by alerting drivers to obstacles in their locations as well as other vehicles and workers. In doing so, it helps to keep drivers more aware of their surroundings and allows them to make intricate maneuvers in a hazardous environment with ease. Additionally, because it reduces the risk of accidents, it increases the amount of time that equipment is available, since there is less change of vehicles and other necessary tools being out for repairs. It also reduces the risk of workers being injured and helps to control job costs.

How does CasGuard alert drivers to obstacles?

CasGuard’s GPS-reliant system determines the position of other equipment and calculates the trajectories of vehicles. The system then alerts drivers to potential areas of hazard. This information gives drivers all of the tools that they need to make the appropriate safety decisions quickly and confidently.


Guardvant offers multiple tools for collision avoidance in hazardous work environments as well as driver fatigue detectors and proximity detection. Learn more about how we can increase safety on your job site while reducing costs by calling (520) 299-1911.