How OpGuard Helps Drivers Combat Fatigue

operation-imgDriver fatigue is a serious workplace risk that affects numerous industries, including the mining industry. Truck and equipment operators who fall asleep or experience reduced awareness and response times due to fatigue behind the wheel can drastically increase the risk of a collision or injury. GuardVants advanced OpGuard fatigue risk management system is designed to help drivers and managers actively combat fatigue to reduce workplace accidents and create a healthier environment for all employees.

IR Imaging and Sensors

The true workhorse of the OpGuard fatigue risk management system is its IR cameras and sensors. These sensors provide a consistent, non-intrusive in-cab monitoring system that tracks driver head and facial movements for signs of fatigue, including head tilt and eyelid closure percentage. The OpGuard sensors are compatible with any driver and require no interactionas soon as the operator sits behind the wheel, the system will begin monitoring for fatigue and micro-sleep events.

Onboard Computer and Communications

OpGuards onboard computer and communications system allow for instantaneous evaluation of driver fatigue and sleep-related behavior, as well as the transmission of alerts to a central dispatcher. Loudspeakers installed in the cab allow for prompt communication between operators and dispatch staff if fatigue risks are present, which increases response time to minimize safety hazards.  

OpWeb Server Interface

In addition to the OpGuard system itself, the OpWeb server interface provides a clear, up-to-date, and easily-trackable map of all vehicles and drivers currently registered with the system. This allows a single manager to visualize vehicle deployment; alert notifications are instantly delivered whenever the system detects a risk, such as fatigue, distraction, or driving behaviors that may be associated with poor attentiveness.

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