The Importance of Proximity Awareness

ProxGuardGPS_HowItWorks_diagramOn a busy worksite, it can be difficult to keep track of equipment, workers, and other vehicles without the right tools. Blind spots and permanent or temporary obstructions can further complicate this equation, putting personnel and equipment at risk without an effective proximity awareness system. Guardvant’s effective ProxGuard proximity awareness alerting system is an excellent solution to maintain worksite safety and productivity in the mining industry.

Worker Safety

Mining companies have a commitment to keep workers safe while on the job. However, surface mining operations can present several unique and serious hazards, particularly when large equipment and vehicles are present. Proximity awareness systems offer a redundant safety solution that alerts both vehicle operators and site monitoring facilities to situations in which immediate action is needed to prevent a collision or other incident that could result in a serious worker injury.

Equipment Protection

Your mining equipment is a valuable and vital component of your business. However, maneuvering vehicles and equipment through challenging terrain could leave this property at risk for damage without consistent and accurate proximity awareness. Investing in an effective proximity awareness solution is also an investment in your equipment by avoiding collisions that may otherwise cause significant property damage in addition to potential injuries.

Productivity Management

When workers are injured or equipment is damaged during collisions and other accidents, your operation will also lose productivity as a result. Thus, proximity awareness will not only improve the safety of your worksite, but also maintain productivity by helping you to effectively avoid situations in which damaged equipment or missing workers cause lost time and profits.

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