In-Cab ProxGuard Features That Improve Operator Safety

For equipment operators, a 360-degree view from the cab has been impossible until now, thanks to ProxGuard. ProxGuard gives operators the awareness that they need to perform their duties safely and accurately, by alerting them to the proximity of objects that pose a collision risk. This proximity detector can drastically increase both operator safety and the safety of the job site, while reducing the risk of costly collisions and property damage. Here is a closer look at some of the in-cab ProxGuard features that boost operator safety.

Integrated Radar and Video

ProxGuard combines radar and video technology into a single system to give operators a complete, 360-degree of the work area the entire time they are in the vehicle. Up to eight cameras and eight radar sensors can be combined on a single vehicle to provide the most extensive views possible. This system gives operators the ability to see people and objects in close proximity while keeping a view on the broader site as they move from area to area. The video footage can also be useful during investigations if an incident does occur.

Multiple Alerts

When an operator is in close proximity to an object, they get multiple alerts. An alarm will sound to provide an audible alert, and the seat will vibrate to ensure the driver is aware of the risk even if the audible alert cannot be heard. This layered warning system can prevent collisions by giving operators the ability to take action quickly when there is an objection their proximity.

Site Customization

Every job site is different, which means different environments with different risks for operators. ProxGuard is fully customizable to meet the needs of each specific site, and proximity range and logic can be configured for each activity. Operators are able to work with confidence even in unfamiliar areas.


The ProxGuard system is just one way Guardvant is making work safer for operators and more cost effective for business owners. Our collision avoidance and fatigue management systems reduce costly accidents and job site injuries for a range of operations. To get answers to your questions about ProxGuard and our other systems, call (520) 299-1911.