Increasing Situational Awareness

175950910Situational awareness is a key aspect of safety in the workplace, so you should do whatever you can to increase it among your employees. Driver fatigue can inhibit your reflexes and your alertness, so be sure to get enough rest while you’re on the road. Drivers should also refrain from drug use and be sure to follow the appropriate safety precautions on the job. Read on for more on increasing situational awareness.

Getting Rest

It can be extremely difficult to stay focused and alert if you are suffering from fatigue, and yet many people still go through their workdays without an appropriate amount of rest. No matter what your responsibility is in the workplace, it is important that you get the rest you need so you can work to the best of your abilities. Working on little or no sleep can lead to serious injuries, damaged products, and lost productivity.

Abstaining from Drugs

Much like being tired, using drugs can severely impact your performance in the workplace. Drugs can influence your decision-making skills, your perception of the space around you, and even your understanding of the task at hand. Abstaining from drugs and working with a clear and sober mind will allow you to stay focused on the task and complete it safely and successfully. Many companies drug test their employees and new hires for this specific reason.

Following Protocol

Rules are made for a reason; not to bother or limit employees, but to keep everyone safe and efficient. If you are taught to check your mirrors and look around your space when operating machinery, then that is exactly what you should do. Following protocol helps increase situational awareness, productivity, and workplace safety.

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