Why Are Jobsite Accidents So Costly?

There’s a good reason why some jobsites display how long it’s been since the last accident. An accident delays the operation and can have residual effects on workers. Keep reading for a quick overview of why jobsite accidents are as costly as they are.

Reduced Production

Accidents are dangerous, uncomfortable, and counterproductive to your business’s objectives. They will also raise your operational costs in a couple of different ways. When an accident occurs on the job, you need to take time to address the situation and make sure everyone involved gets the medical attention they need. As crucial as this is, it takes time away from the work you could be doing. This slows down your overall production, which wastes time and money. Avoiding accidents helps keep the team on track and business moving forward.

Personal Injury

When an accident happens on the jobsite, there may be an injury as well. This could mean that one of your workers needs to take some time off work, which could slow down your progress. In a fast-paced, competitive world, you need to keep your business operating at full force whenever you can. Losing an important member of the team for any amount of time can be a setback, so use collision avoidance systems and proximity detection to avoid accidents.

Inventory Damage

If an inexperienced operator uses a forklift, tractor, or other piece of heavy machinery, disaster could strike. In addition to losing time and potentially having an employee injured, an accident can compromise some of your inventory. This will also increase costs and can put your products at risk.

If you have the right collision avoidance system in place, you shouldn’t have to worry so much about jobsite accidents. Guardvant offers proximity detectors and fatigue risk management services as well, so check out our website or call us at (520) 299-1911 to learn all about us.