Learn More About Guardvant’s Product Line

Worksite accidents can harm employees, damage products, and set your operation back in general. If you want to avoid them, you can rely on Guardvant’s products to get the job done. Between OpGuard, ProxGuard, and CollisionGuard, you should have just about all the tools you need to stay safe and productive. Keep reading and learn more about Guardvant’s product line.


You should never operate heavy machinery if you’re not up for the task. Whether you’re tired, distracted, or a combination of the two, you can end up hurting yourself or others if you operate a heavy-duty vehicle nonetheless. OpGuard is designed to assess an operator’s performance so that injuries and damages can be avoided. This system will recognize when operators are speeding, tired, or even on their cell phones by discreetly watching for hazards. In this way, you can increase operator responsibility and productivity.


The more aware you are of your surroundings, the easier it is to avoid collisions. ProxGuard seeks to amplify your awareness so that you can stay safe while operating your machinery. The system will detect objects and obstructions so you can navigate around them, and it uses sophisticated radar and video technology to do so. In addition to keeping operators safe, ProxGuard can contribute to better driving and greater efficiency.


Communication is key when it comes to avoiding collisions, and CasGuard makes it easy. The CasGuard system allows for simple and direct communication between different equipment, which helps operators remain aware of their surroundings. Use CasGuard to reduce the chance of experiencing collisions and accidents on the job.

If you want to learn even more about the Guardvant product line, give our team a call at (520) 299-1911. You can also check out our website or stop in and see us to learn about our proximity detection and fatigue risk management services.