Learn to Recognize These Symptoms of Fatigue

Driver fatigue is a serious issue in the trucking and heavy equipment industries. If you are in charge of driving a commercial truck or vehicle, you will need to learn how to spot the warning signs of fatigue when you are on the job. Fatigue risk management technology can also help you to make sure that you are alert when you are operating your equipment. Read on for an overview of three common warning signs of fatigue.

Feelings of Sleepiness

One of the most common symptoms of fatigue is also the easiest to recognize. If you are starting to feel very sleepy while you are operating your machinery, you have already reached a dangerous level of fatigue. Yawning, slow reflexes, and nodding off are all indications that you are too tired to continue your shift. Getting a proper night’s sleep can help to combat feelings of sleepiness on the job.

Impaired Coordination

Along with making you feel sleepy, fatigue can also affect your ability to function properly. Impaired coordination is a warning sign of fatigue that may or may not be accompanied with feelings of sleepiness. If you are starting to make minor errors in judgment or coordination, you may be suffering from extreme fatigue.

Lack of Attention

Fatigue may also impair your ability to focus on the task at hand. If your mind is wandering aimlessly while you are trying to operate your equipment, you may be in need of a rest break. A simple 15-minute break may be enough to refresh your mind and allow you to return to work safely.

If you are concerned about the dangers of fatigue on your jobsite, Guardvant will be there to assist you. We offer a range of fatigue risk management tools in Tucson, and we will be thrilled to provide you with more information about how our OpGuard can benefit your operations. For more information about the benefits of installing one of our fatigue risk management or collision avoidance systems, give us a call at (520) 299-1911.