In-Cab ProxGuard Features That Improve Operator Safety

For equipment operators, a 360-degree view from the cab has been impossible until now, thanks to ProxGuard. ProxGuard gives operators the awareness that they need to perform their duties safely and accurately, by alerting them to the proximity of objects that pose a collision risk. This proximity detector can drastically increase both operator safety and…Read more

What Is Sleep Debt?

Do you remember the last time you felt fully rested? If you’re like countless sleep deprived individuals, you might not even remember what it feels like to get enough sleep. Each shortchanged night adds to an individual’s accumulating sleep debt. The concept of sleep debt is still being debated by scientific minds. Sleep experts tend…Read more

Spotting the Subtle Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation

Driver fatigue is a leading cause of costly accidents, and it’s why companies must be proactive about fatigue risk management. There are plenty of signs of sleep deprivation, both obvious and subtle. But even if your drivers know what to watch out for, sleep deprivation awareness won’t always provide reliable risk management unless your company…Read more

Recognizing the Dangers of Fatigue in the Workplace

Driver fatigue is a common cause of accidents on the road, and this extends to the workplace as well. People who operate vehicles of any kind when they’re not in the right condition can damage inventory, lose time for the business, and even injure themselves or others. Keep reading and recognize the dangers of fatigue…Read more

FAQs About Using OpGuard to Ensure Safe Vehicle Operation

Safety is key: If you don’t have a safe workplace, you take unnecessary risks that can slow your business down. When you add machinery to the equation, safety becomes even more essential to your operation. OpGuard aims to help you keep your vehicles safe and move your business forward. Here are some FAQs about using…Read more

Types of Equipment that Benefit from Proximity Detection

You need to stay aware of your surroundings when you’re on the job, as collisions can be costly and time consuming. Whether you use construction equipment or drive a commercial vehicle, proximity detection is key. It is even more crucial when it comes to previously damaged equipment. Here are some examples of types of equipment…Read more

Knowing Where Your Business Could Be More Efficient

Efficiency is the name of the game if you want to stay in business, so it’s crucial to find out where your company is lacking. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, training your operators, and making use of the latest technology will all help your cause. Read on and learn where your business could be more…Read more

How Many Hours Is It Safe to Keep Driving?

If you do anything for an extended period, eventually you’re going to get tired and need to take a break. Truck drivers need to be especially aware of driver fatigue, so they can keep their wits about them until they’re ready to pull off the road. Factors like your sleep habits and the conditions of…Read more

Factors That Can Increase Driver Distraction

Being a safe driver is simple if you know what you need to do. The better you are at resisting distractions, the better you can focus on staying in your lane and anticipating other drivers’ actions. Keep reading and learn about the factors that can increase driver distraction and how you can reduce your risk….Read more

Setting Better Safety Goals in the New Year

A new year is the perfect time to set goals for the next 365 days, and what better way to improve yourself than to try to be safer? It’s especially important to stay safe while you’re driving, and there are many ways you can do it. Continue reading and set better safety goals for the…Read more