Guardvant Joins the Hexagon Family

Hexagon Mining is an industry leader in applying innovative design, planning, and operational safety technologies to improve the safety and productivity of mines. Guardvant, another industry leader, focuses on developing cutting-edge technologies for collision avoidance, proximity detection, and fatigue risk management. Together, Guardvant and Hexagon Mining are a force to be reckoned with. The Acquisition…Read more

Reasons Driver Fatigue Is So Common

In order to operate heavy equipment safely, it’s important that the operator be fully alert at all times. Driver fatigue can easily lead to a serious accident, putting the safety of the driver, the crew, and any bystanders in jeopardy. That’s why anybody who maintains a worksite needs to understand how to prevent driver fatigue….Read more

How to Ensure You Hire Reliable Equipment Operators

Operating heavy equipment on a worksite is a major responsibility, and not everybody is up to the challenge. That’s why it’s imperative that you take the time to find the best possible candidates to operate machinery at your site. It isn’t always easy, however, to find equipment operators who will be as safe, responsible, and…Read more

How More Accurate Reporting Can Improve Your Worksite Safety

Accurate reporting is a key component of effective worksite safety plans. By tracking incidents, recording injuries, and monitoring site conditions, you can reduce the risk of future issues and help your workers get the job done more efficiently and safely. If you haven’t embraced accurate reporting from your job-site, these benefits could change your mind…Read more

Controllable Factors in Worksite Collisions

Worksite collisions are dangerous for your employees and costly for your company. Injuries, lost labor, and damaged equipment can all put your job behind schedule and add additional expenses to your budget. Although it is not always possible to prevent a collision from occurring, there are many factors that can be controlled so that collisions…Read more

Ways Drivers Can Improve Their Awareness on the Road

Awareness is everything behind the wheel, but staying on top form is not always easy for drivers. Managing driver fatigue and reacting to it appropriately is an important part of avoiding collisions and maintaining safety. There are multiple things that drivers can do to boost their awareness—and by extension, their vehicle operation safety—while on the…Read more

How GPS Technology Is Preventing Collisions

GPS isn’t just for getting directions to a location or finding out when your ride is going to arrive. It is also playing a critical role in preventing collisions in mines and on job sites, dramatically increasing situational awareness and keeping workers safer than ever before. Here is a closer look at Guardvant’s GPS-based collision…Read more

What Are the Impacts of Sleep Deprivation on Reaction Times?

Whether you’re operating a motor vehicle or machinery at work, delayed reaction times are dangerous. Sleep deprivation and the associated fatigue is a key factor in these kinds of dangerous reaction time delays. With on-board collision avoidance systems, operator fatigue can be quickly identified, so actions can be taken to prevent potentially deadly accidents. Here…Read more

In-Cab ProxGuard Features That Improve Operator Safety

For equipment operators, a 360-degree view from the cab has been impossible until now, thanks to ProxGuard. ProxGuard gives operators the awareness that they need to perform their duties safely and accurately, by alerting them to the proximity of objects that pose a collision risk. This proximity detector can drastically increase both operator safety and…Read more

What Is Sleep Debt?

Do you remember the last time you felt fully rested? If you’re like countless sleep deprived individuals, you might not even remember what it feels like to get enough sleep. Each shortchanged night adds to an individual’s accumulating sleep debt. The concept of sleep debt is still being debated by scientific minds. Sleep experts tend…Read more