Why Stimulant Drugs Can’t Substitute for Sleep

In order to ensure workplace safety, it’s essential that every employee be fully rested, rather than fatigued. Unfortunately, all too many people attempt to compensate for lack of sleep by use of stimulant drugs such as caffeine, Ritalin, or Adderall. While these stimulants may make an individual more alert, they are not a genuine substitute…Read more

Keeping Workplace Accidents to a Minimum

If there’s anything that any supervisor or manager wants to avoid, it’s a workplace accident. Fortunately, the majority of workplace accidents are entirely avoidable—as long as appropriate steps are taken to keep employees safe. These are some of the things you can do in order to minimize the likelihood of a workplace accident: Keeping all…Read more

A Look at the Chronic Sleep Deprivation of American Adults

Sleep deprivation is a national epidemic in the US. The persistent sleep deprivation of American adults puts their health and safety on the line, as well as the health and safety of their coworkers and the general public. Could your lack of sleep be making you unhealthy and putting you in danger on the job?…Read more

Exploring the Real Damage of Fatigued Driving

If you’re like many adults, you spend a lot of time feeling tired and like you haven’t quite gotten enough sleep. This kind of persistent fatigue isn’t just an annoyance. It can also make it dangerous for you to drive. Fatigued driving is dangerous to the person behind the wheel and everyone else on the…Read more

Is It Possible to Catch Up on Lost Sleep?

The general rule of thumb is that adults need eight hours of sleep each night. Some people need a little more and others need a little less. Unfortunately, most Americans get less than seven hours of sleep each night, which means that most people are chronically sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation can increase the risk of…Read more

Case Studies in Fatigue-Related Plane Crashes

Workers in any industry are more susceptible to making mistakes when they are sleep deprived. At best, this is counterproductive. At worst, fatigue can turn deadly. Pilot fatigue is one of the most significant safety problems that the aviation industry faces, and it played a key role in the following plane crashes. Air France Flight…Read more

Sleep Aids Aren’t a Substitute for Sleep

Well-rested drivers are safer drivers. Without enough quality sleep, drivers and heavy equipment operators are less likely to react quickly and prudently to safety hazards. The risk of falling asleep behind the wheel is even more serious. The issue of driver fatigue may prompt some to consider sleep aids as a substitute for falling asleep…Read more

A Closer Look at OpGuard

OpGuard is one of Guardvant’s signature safety solutions. It’s a driver fatigue risk management system that reduces the risk of fatigue-related accidents, protecting operators and other employees. The OpGuard components are mounted directly in the cab, but are completely unobtrusive and do not affect the normal operation of the vehicle. Technologically Advanced Components The main…Read more

Is Fatigued Driving as Dangerous as Impaired Driving?

It’s common knowledge that impaired driving is dangerous and can quickly turn deadly. Every year, across the country, there are countless public awareness campaigns and law enforcement initiatives aimed at halting impaired driving. As dangerous as impaired driving is, more focus needs to be placed on preventing fatigued driving, which can indeed be just as…Read more

Guardvant Joins the Hexagon Family

Hexagon Mining is an industry leader in applying innovative design, planning, and operational safety technologies to improve the safety and productivity of mines. Guardvant, another industry leader, focuses on developing cutting-edge technologies for collision avoidance, proximity detection, and fatigue risk management. Together, Guardvant and Hexagon Mining are a force to be reckoned with. The Acquisition…Read more