How Many Hours Is It Safe to Keep Driving?

If you do anything for an extended period, eventually you’re going to get tired and need to take a break. Truck drivers need to be especially aware of driver fatigue, so they can keep their wits about them until they’re ready to pull off the road. Factors like your sleep habits and the conditions of…Read more

Factors That Can Increase Driver Distraction

Being a safe driver is simple if you know what you need to do. The better you are at resisting distractions, the better you can focus on staying in your lane and anticipating other drivers’ actions. Keep reading and learn about the factors that can increase driver distraction and how you can reduce your risk….Read more

Setting Better Safety Goals in the New Year

A new year is the perfect time to set goals for the next 365 days, and what better way to improve yourself than to try to be safer? It’s especially important to stay safe while you’re driving, and there are many ways you can do it. Continue reading and set better safety goals for the…Read more

Explore the Technology Behind GPS Collision Avoidance

GPS collision avoidance keeps people safe and prevents unnecessary accidents from happening, and it uses a few key pieces of technology. Your GPS antenna puts you on the map, the in-cab monitor tells you what you need to know, and enhanced communication keeps collisions from happening. Read on and explore the technology behind GPS collision…Read more

How Does Proximity Detection Work?

In addition to putting people in danger, car accidents can damage products and set business off track. Proximity detection can remedy this by allowing drivers to be more aware of their surroundings. Since this type of system doesn’t wait until contact to act, you can keep your fleet operating at 100%. Here’s a quick look…Read more

Exploring the Negative Effects of Caffeine and Stimulants

Energy and sports drinks took the world by storm, but the benefits of these drinks might not outweigh the consequences. It turns out that caffeine and stimulants aren’t the best way to combat truck driver fatigue, as there are quite a few drawbacks to deal with. Keep reading to learn about some of the negative…Read more

Will Robots Take Over the Trucking Industry?

Technology has changed our society in many ways, especially when it comes to keeping us safer on the job. Now we have cars that drive themselves, as well as collision avoidance tech that minimizes accidents. Someday avoidance systems may become fully automatic, so read ahead and see if robots could take over the trucking industry….Read more

Why Are Jobsite Accidents So Costly?

There’s a good reason why some jobsites display how long it’s been since the last accident. An accident delays the operation and can have residual effects on workers. Keep reading for a quick overview of why jobsite accidents are as costly as they are. Reduced Production Accidents are dangerous, uncomfortable, and counterproductive to your business’s…Read more

The Technology Behind Collision Avoidance Systems

A quality collision avoidance system will help you avoid accidents and keep your operations on schedule, which means your business stays on track and keeps making money. To employ a quality system, you need quality technology. Continue reading for a quick look at the technology behind collision avoidance systems. GPS You can’t get much done…Read more

Signs Your Employees Are Short on Sleep

Every industry deserves quality employees who care about the operation, but a lack of sleep can really get in the way. Workers who suffer from driver fatigue won’t be able to react as quickly as they should, and they may nod off, become irritable, or make mistakes they wouldn’t otherwise make. Here’s a brief overview…Read more