Integrated Analytics Suite

Guardvant’s OpWeb provides real-time access to the status of all Guardvant solutions in one location for each mine site. Customizable views and reports make it easy to make decisions on the fly to ensure that all assets remain safe. In addition to real time data analysis, OpWeb captures historical data for analysis to ensure preventative re-occurring incidents do not happen.


  • Real-time operator status
  • Sorting of events, data and reports by customizable parameters
  • Individual logins for each authorized user
  • Web-based access through unique web browser URL
  • Customizable historic views available for any date range


  • Analysis tool for review, reporting and analysis of events and data
  • Quickly ensures equipped trucks are functional
  • Provides pertinent operational and operator information
  • Real-time historical system diagnostics

Increased Operator Awareness

Guardvant’s OpWeb capabilities allows stakeholders to analyze and assess historical operator and event data to aid in managing future mine and operator condition management plans. This includes utilizing the data to optimize roster schedules, shift hours, break times, designated haul routes, and more.

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Additional Services

Additional Services

24/7 Operations Center

Designed to ensure independent review for complete operator privacy, Guardvant’s 24/7 Operations Center assesses real-time events for any client anywhere in the world. Additionally, designated supervisors and managers have the option to receive customized alerts via email when an operator experiences a validated event.

System Implementation

Our passionate and highly qualified team has a proven track record of successful system design, implementation, and support. Our technologies are supported with training, education and change management programs to ensure full utilization of the systems for continuous improvement of safety practices.