Productive Ways to Encourage Driver Alertness

Professional drivers must be able to remain alert and focused while they’re on the road, but truck driver fatigue will eventually take its toll. If you want your drivers to stay as safe as possible on the road, they’ll need to understand how to keep themselves alert.

Here are a few productive ways to encourage driver alertness.

Driver Feedback

Those who are charged with the task of encouraging driver alertness have a few options that they can work with. However, drivers might not place much emphasis on alertness if they don’t understand its importance. You can encourage a culture of safety, productivity, and alertness by asking drivers how they have been feeling on the road. This will give them the opportunity to bring up any questions or concerns they may have had on the road, and you’ll get the opportunity to offer tips and guidelines.

Fatigue Monitoring

As important as driver feedback is in handling driver alertness and managing fatigue, it can sometimes be tough for drivers to be accurate in reporting how they felt on the road. This is why fatigue monitoring systems can be helpful. When you work with fatigue monitoring professionals, you can implement other methods of measuring driver fatigue that are more objective than drivers’ self-reports.

Employee Education

If you want your drivers to remain as alert as possible on the road, you should do your part in making sure that they know how to do so. Teach your employees about the importance of getting enough rest in between stints of driving, and make sure they know that proper nutrition and exercise can go a long way in keeping them awake, alert, and healthy while driving.  

Driver alertness is key to your company’s success, so you should do what you can to encourage it. At Guardvant, we are happy to help. Feel free to check out our website or call us at (520) 299-1911 to learn about truck driver fatigue as well as fatigue risk management strategies.