ProxGuard and Jobsite Safety: A Look at the Benefits

No matter how highly trained equipment operators are, they are still human and are subject to making mistakes. Unfortunately, on a jobsite, those mistakes can be costly. A loss of operator awareness for just a few seconds can result in a catastrophic accident that damages property and injuries or kills bystanders. Guardvant seeks to change that. Our proximity awareness solution, ProxGuard, is fully customizable so that companies can meet their jobsite-specific safety goals.

Instant Alert System

Safety standards demand that operators stay alert and focused at all times. But unfortunately, operators may sometimes suffer the adverse effects of sleep deprivation. A sleep-deprived operator isn’t as likely to detect potential hazards quickly. Sleep deprivation also lowers reaction time, increasing the likelihood of an accident. Distraction while operating heavy equipment is another major concern for jobsite supervisors. Since it’s impossible to completely eliminate human error when human operators are involved, ProxGuard serves as an ever-ready backup system. It sounds an instant alert when an obstacle is detected in close proximity to the equipment. An audible alert is accompanied by seat vibration, ensuring that the attention of a distracted or fatigued operator is immediately returned to the controls.

Continuous, 360-Degree Views

Even when operators are highly trained, safety-conscious, and not impaired by drowsiness or distractions, they are limited by their physical capabilities. It isn’t possible for an operator to keep his or her eyes on all sides of the equipment at the same time—unless the cab is equipped with advanced radar and video technology. The ProxGuard system includes an in-cab monitor. It displays multiple views to enhance operator awareness. The continuous, 360-degree views enable the operator to see obstacles and other potential hazards at a glance. As soon as a potential hazard is detected, the operator can respond instantly to avert an accident.

Guardvant is committed to saving lives by reducing jobsite accidents. Our exceptional technologies can help improve operator performance and protect your company’s assets. To find out how ProxGuard and our other technological solutions can benefit your company, call our headquarters in Tucson at (520) 299-1911.