Safety Solution Products with Guardvant

FMSHeadquartered in Tucson, Arizona, Guardvant provides solutions to improve safety and productivity for mines, plants, and transportation operations around the world. We implement each safety system with a deep understanding of operational challenges facing worldwide mines. We also offer a range of safety solution products to help with collision avoidance and fatigue risk management.


The Operator Fatigue and Alertness Monitoring System helps reduce accidents, reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity in the truck driving industry. The system is fully automated, so the driver doesn’t need to wear a sensor or interact with the system itself. However, the system does alert the operator, dispatcher, or supervisor of the increases to the driver’s fatigue or distraction state. The system also validates and documents all reported incidents of fatigue or truck driver distraction.


The Collision Awareness and Proximity Detection System proactively reduces blind spot collisions through radar, video, and GPS information. This technology enhances a driver’s situational awareness of other heavy equipment, vehicles, and static objects in close proximity. ProxyGuard’s in-cab video screen displays the blind spot view when a sensor detects an object situated within its range. This technology is essential to mining safety, as blind spots in close proximity areas are a leading cause of accidents involving mining equipment.

Mobile Router

Guardvant’s mobile wireless router helps a mine expand its mobile wireless communication options by ensuring better data transfer in real time. Its four radio systems are packaged in one rugged, efficient system with four Ethernet ports for on-board application interface. Similar to using a smartphone or tablet, the system switches between wireless network and cellular depending on the signal strength. The GMR can also be used as a mobile router for all on-board mining applications. It also contains a 3-axis accelerometer and internal GPS to monitor truck movement.

For more information about any safety solution product with Guardvant, call (520) 299-1911. We are a mining technology supplier with successful implementations in mines throughout the world. Our collision avoidance systems increase the level of control over operator performance, accident prevention, and asset protection.