Signs Your Employees Are Short on Sleep

Every industry deserves quality employees who care about the operation, but a lack of sleep can really get in the way. Workers who suffer from driver fatigue won’t be able to react as quickly as they should, and they may nod off, become irritable, or make mistakes they wouldn’t otherwise make. Here’s a brief overview of the signs your employees are short on sleep.

Nodding Off

The last thing you want is for your employees to be fatigued behind the wheel, especially if they are operating large vehicles. If you have heard of any of your employees nodding off while driving, they are clearly in need of more sleep. Even a second or two of nodding off can turn into a huge disaster that may injure people and destroy your stock. Be sure to talk to any employees who have been found falling asleep at the wheel, and talk to them about how they can stay awake and alert.


If you have ever woken up cranky after a subpar sleep, you know exactly what it’s like to be irritable when you’re tired. Irritable people can be difficult to work with, and they can bring down morale for the rest of the team. If you notice that one of your employees seems to be on edge, it could be a matter of rest.

Random Mistakes

Lost sleep can have a range of effects on your mentality. Sometimes, it will have you make mistakes that you wouldn’t ordinarily make. If you notice that your employees are making mistakes that seem out of their character, consider how much sleep they’re getting.

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