Signs that Your Business Needs Better Collision Avoidance

Liability and risk management are crucial issues for every jobsite supervisor and company owner. One way to limit the risk of operator collisions is to put every operator through an intensive training program. But if training is your sole approach to collision avoidance, your business is missing out on high-tech solutions like proximity detection systems and driver fatigue monitoring technology. Technological solutions take human error out of the equation to make your jobsite safer.

You have one or more documented accident at the worksite.

Safe worksites are accident-free worksites. Even one accident is one too many. An accident, even if it is an accident that didn’t cause injuries, should be thoroughly investigated to determine the causes and contributing factors. Often, the causes of accidents are found to originate from human error, such as operator fatigue. With a technology-based collision avoidance system, you can eliminate accidents caused by human error.

Your drivers have reported close calls.

Sometimes, accident-free worksites aren’t quite as safe as they might appear to be. If your drivers have reported one or more close calls, it’s time to review your safety protocols and precautions. Otherwise, the next close call just might turn into an accident.

You don’t yet have any collision avoidance technology.

Collision avoidance technology is a must on any jobsite that involves mobile heavy equipment. Your worksite might not yet have experienced a documented accident or close call, but that certainly doesn’t mean it will never happen. Be proactive about safety measures to keep your workers safe, safeguard your expensive equipment, and minimize liability issues for your company.

If your jobsite doesn’t yet have technological collision avoidance systems, it’s time to take a closer look at the solutions available from Guardvant. ProxGuard, for example, instantly alerts operators of potential risks before a collision happens using audible alerts and seat vibration for maximum effectiveness. For more information on this and other collision avoidance systems, call our headquarters in Tucson at (520) 299-1911.