The Lifesaving Value of GuardVant’s Fatigue Monitoring and Management

92128380Truck drivers face a wide range of unique job-related ailments, and chronic fatigue is one health challenge that may have significant associated costs with accidents on the road. When drivers are drowsy or fatigued, they are more likely to skip essential safety measures or have slower reaction times if an unexpected obstacle arises. Whether accidents take place during long hauls or locally at your worksite, it is important to have measures in place that can prevent these incidents and create a safer workplace. GuardVant offers a sophisticated, non-invasive, and user-friendly solution with OpGuard, which is an on-board fatigue monitoring system. Keep reading to explore the specifics of what OpGuard has to offer for the safety and efficiency of your truck drivers.

How OpGuard Fatigue Monitoring Works

Using passive IR sensors, OpGuard measures head and facial movement, percentage eyelid closure (PERCLOS), and micro-sleep events that can reveal fatigue. If the system detects driver fatigue, an alert is sent to the driver and other personnel such as the mine site dispatcher or supervisor. From here, the driver may then be contacted to end his or her shift to safely avoid any damaged equipment and potential injuries.

Proven Results with Fatigue Monitoring

OpGuard offers real-time updates with sophisticated monitoring technologies to ensure optimal accuracy and effectiveness. As a result, mine sites with OpGuard technology equipped have seen a dramatic fall in the average number of events by haul truck per shift. Over time, avoided accidents save significant funds that may have gone to heavy equipment repair and replacement, medical costs for injured employees, and workers’ comp claims.

If you are in the market for safety solutions for haul truck operators at your mine site, contact GuardVant today at (520) 299-1911. From fatigue monitoring to project management, our team can implement solutions that will optimize efficiency with turnkey technologies designed with user friendliness in mind.