Trusting ProxGuard

DisplayScreen_ProxGuardProximity detection systems are valuable tools that can minimize property damage, lost efficiency, and worker injuries during surface mining operations. The Guardvant ProxGuard vehicle proximity detection system is designed to provide the vehicle tracking and warning needed for safety and property protection. Understanding how this system works will provide insight into the value of including ProxGuard as part of your ongoing mining safety efforts.

The Value of Vehicle Proximity Monitoring

The large and heavy vehicles used in the mining industry can pose a serious safety hazard to onsite workers. Poor vehicle handling can also put equipment and productivity at risk, causing damage or halting progress if an accident occurs, even if no one is injured. Vehicle proximity monitoring provides up-to-the-minute tracking of all vehicle positions, trajectories, and speeds, allowing onsite and offsite supervisors to easily view potential safety hazards. Proximity detection software not only allows for this comprehensive overhead view of any operation, it also improves collision avoidance by alerting vehicle operators immediately when a person or object appears in the path of motion.

How ProxGuard Works

Guardvant’s ProxGuard system is customizable, allowing you to create exactly the safety and monitoring configuration that is best for your site, including radar, camera, and GPS tracking and monitoring systems. These sensors continually monitor vehicle position and motion, as well map as the surrounding environment; when an object is detected in the path of motion, operators are immediately alerted via redundant video and audio alerts so they can take quick action to avoid a collision or injury. Additionally, the TipGuard option alerts haul truck drivers to conditions that may raise the risk for tipping or overturning by monitoring ground conditions around the truck.

Guardvant is dedicated to improving worker safety and workplace efficiency in the mining industry. You can learn more about the ProxGuard proximity detection system and the OpGuard fatigue monitoring system when you click through our comprehensive website, or reach us by calling (520) 299-1911 to discuss adding these solutions to your mining operation today.