Understanding How Server Hosting Works

178629045When you are running a mining company that does a lot of work outside of an office, it is important to find a business that can provide convenient server-hosting services that are easy to use from any location. Here we’ll explore how these services work:

You Get an On-Board Computer

When you utilize mobile server hosting, you use an on-board computer that allows you to operate multiple applications, including third-party applications, that help you keep control over your vehicles. This server makes it easy to run driver fatigue programs, fleet management services, tire monitoring programs, and vehicle health monitoring systems. It also provides you with biometric access using thumbprints or face recognition.

You Can Utilize Different Technological Services

Mobile server hosting provides platform services that use a specific operating system to run virtual machines. It also offers context services, which keep real-time information flowing back to you. It includes network services to make it easier to integrate various applications and GPS services to help you keep track of all of your vehicles. You can also utilize video services to capture videos and display services to give you more control over the display screen.

You Can Enjoy Useful Results

These mobile server-hosting services help you manage a company of any size. The GPS services send information about the location to every installed application so you can always easily look to find the vehicle that you need. It also records information about events, data, and video logs in all of these applications. Mobile server-hosting services also create configurable reports and set off alarms and alerts when necessary.

If you want to make your fleet more efficient, GuardVant can help. Our mobile server-hosting services, driver fatigue systems, and proximity detectors help you easily record information and avoid serious issues on your job sites. To learn more about these and other programs, visit us online or call (520) 299-1911.