Ways Drivers Can Improve Their Awareness on the Road

Awareness is everything behind the wheel, but staying on top form is not always easy for drivers. Managing driver fatigue and reacting to it appropriately is an important part of avoiding collisions and maintaining safety. There are multiple things that drivers can do to boost their awareness—and by extension, their vehicle operation safety—while on the road. These tips can help drivers stay in top form.

Take Breaks

Making time for breaks is as important as making time for driving. Drivers should take breaks at regular intervals to get out of the vehicle, walk around, and get refreshed. Failing to take adequate breaks can lead to driver fatigue, but even before fatigue sets in, situational awareness can be significantly impacted. The longer drivers operate a vehicle without a break, the less likely they are to give their full attention to operating the vehicle.

Use Fatigue Detection Tools

Professional drivers, such as truck drivers, can benefit greatly from using technology to detect fatigue. These tools can often identify the signs of fatigue before a driver is aware of them, giving the driver ample time to make the necessary adjustments before his or her performance is impacted. Fatigue detection technology can help to automate the process of awareness for drivers, so that they aren’t reliant on making judgment calls to stay safe.

Ban Distractions

It’s easy for distractions to tug at drivers’ awareness. Although some distractions are obvious, such as texting while driving, others are seemingly innocuous, such as changing the music or reaching for a sip of a drink. Anything that takes a driver’s attention away from driving is a drag on awareness that could ultimately be dangerous.


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