Will Robots Take Over the Trucking Industry?

Technology has changed our society in many ways, especially when it comes to keeping us safer on the job. Now we have cars that drive themselves, as well as collision avoidance tech that minimizes accidents. Someday avoidance systems may become fully automatic, so read ahead and see if robots could take over the trucking industry.

Automatic Vehicles

Even though they haven’t conquered the trucking industry, robots are already making their mark on the roads. “Automatic vehicles” used to refer to the transmission in the car, but now there are cars that can drive themselves. So far, it’s only automated smaller passenger vehicles that tend to be seen on the road, and some of them only have automatic parking features. Based on the rate at which technology is developing, however, we may see fully automated trucks running the industry within our lifetimes.

Collision Avoidance

In a way, robots have already been influencing the trucking industry. Collision avoidance systems help drivers keep themselves and their cargo safe. At this point collision avoidance tech can’t eliminate accidents, but it can alert operators when there’s a problem. If your job involves the use of any kind of heavy machinery, a collision avoidance system can prevent accidents that could damage your employees or your inventory.

Automated Avoidance Systems

The way technology is developing today, it’s not unrealistic to think that robots could play a significant role in the trucking industry. Collision avoidance systems help people stay safe on the road, but they still require human input. In the future, we could have a trucking industry that uses fully automated avoidance systems, preventing more accidents than ever.


Robots haven’t taken over the trucking industry quite yet, but Guardvant can still help you with collision avoidance. We also specialize in fatigue risk management and truck driver fatigue. Give us a call at (520) 299-1911 and see how we can help.